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Senior Executive Resume Sample 2

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Senior Executive Resume Sample 2 Page 3
Bradley H. Jensen Project Justification
Looking at Bradley’s achievements, it’s hard to believe his phone wasn’t ringing off the hook. But his original résumé was
a five-page data dump that made the reader really work to figure how what he’d done.
Part of his “problem” was that he was good at just about every aspect of senior management, so defining a brand and
honing in on the most relevant achievements was a challenge. I embraced his multiple talents as assets and positioned
him a leader who delivers bottom-line growth by improving every aspect of business from Sales to Operations to HR. I
built a branding statement and brief introductory profile to set the expectations of the reader accordingly.
Rather than trying to include all of his accomplishments, I honed in on representative projects from each of his areas of
strength, creating mini case studies that provide insight into Bradley’s management style and proof of his effectiveness.
One of his accomplishments, saving $30M per year in delivery model operations, became a simple graph that tells an
immediate story to the reader.
I wanted to take advantage of Bradley’s stellar early career performance as an executive at a major bank without risking
age discrimination. So I created an Early Career Summary without dates.
Bradley’s new resume generated a lot of interest. He landed a General Manager position within three months at a premier
HR services firm.
Senior Executive Resume Sample 2