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Booth Rental Agreement

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    Booth Rental Agreement 1

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  • ¬†Various facets of the Booth Rental Agreement

    As far as the salon Booth Rental Agreement is concerned, it is considered as a contract between the owner and the tenant. The document is necessary to ensure that the property is safe, clean and rights of the renters are protected. If you are a Hair stylist looking to a find a property for rent to start the business download the template from the internet. It contains all the information that has to be filled by the tenant.

    Generally the Agreement consists of the information regarding the lesser and the lessee along with the name and address of the place that has to be rented out. Both parties must provide their contact details to avoid any discrepancy. If you are getting access to the hair station or shampooing areas, it should be clearly mentioned in the document. Some other areas are break rooms, the drying stations and the reception areas.

    Prior to the signing of the Contract, analyze whether it is for a month or year. Start date should be mentioned along with the grace period if the tenant is not able to pay the rent on time. Another factor that has to be taken into account is the term of the deposit, rental Prices  and also the ramifications in case either party pulls out after the signing of the deal.

    In the document you should mention all the functions which you would be performing as a tenant. Upkeep of the premises, keeping the equipments in workable condition and the reception services to the customers. All aspects of the business should be included in the deal.

    Ensure that the business License number field is provided in the contractual document so that the lessee can fill the required information. Always state that the lessee is an independent contractor and takes full responsibility of the Insurance as well as the taxes. If you do not mention the above information, the lessee would be treated as your employee and you would be forced to accept extra legal responsibilities. The clause such as sub leasing of the premises if allowed should be mentioned clearly. There have been many instances in the past when the tenants have rented the property to other lessees resulting in problems with the original owners.

    While preparing the document, always create extra section because if anything is left out in the Agreement, it can be included without any problem. Space must also be available for the lessor and lessee to sign the deal.

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    Booth Rental Agreement 2

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