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Eviction Notice Template

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    Eviction Notice Template 1

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  • An eviction notice is used typically by landlords for property rental purposes. This document is legally binding and it can be used to notify a tenant that he or she has to evacuate or leave the property by a certain date. Read on to know more about writing eviction notice form, and more.

    When starting an eviction process, the notice document will be the first legal action that you take against a tenant who might be violating the guidelines or rules of their lease or contract.

    How to Write an Eviction Notice

    The first thing to know is that an eviction notice should inform the tenant of the violated conditions, as well as the time period that he or she is given to resolve the problem. There is just one exception to this rule and it would apply if you don’t want the tenant to stay on your property. In this case an eviction with no consideration will be given.

    When filling in a template for this notice, you should only use clear and formal language. This is very important because an eviction case can get thrown out easily by a tenant if it’s suggested that the unclear language was used in the notice. To avoid this you can use some of the free samples of eviction notices as some sort of template. These are readily available online. Just ensure that you are using samples from trustworthy sources.

    Here is what you would put in the eviction notice:

    • The full names and addresses of the parties involved especially the tenant and landlord.
    • The date when the tenant should pay-up, make amends or exit for his/her actions, or maybe lack of action in non-payment cases.
    • The date when the notice takes effect. It’s important to get acknowledgement of receipt from the tenant during the eviction process. Your claim can be weaken severely in court if the tenant pleads that they know nothing about the eviction situation.
    • The date when the agreement should be signed.
    • The eviction letter template should indicate where the eviction process reaches. For example, if it’s the final notice for eviction.
    • If applicable, the terms for proof of service should be provided. For instance, it would be good to get a notary public or commissioner signs the notice and help to deliver it if you want to use it in court. This will make it a document that is recognized publicly and can serve as legitimate evidence against a tenant.

    In closing, you should know that eviction notices are required to be given to the tenant at least thirty days before he or she has to leave the premises in most states. Some other laws in real estate might have to be followed so it’s best to get help from a knowledgeable attorney during the eviction process. If you are ready to write a notice, you can find printable free eviction forms online.

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    Eviction Notice Template 2

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    Eviction Notice Template 3

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