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Legal Release Template

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A legal release is an instrument that can be used to terminate any form of legal liability between a releasor and a releasee(s). In some circumstances, this release can be done orally.

Why do you Need Legal Release Form?

If you are a copyright owner, this form can help to insure that any work you create is protected if it’s published, broadcasted, shown in public cinemas or made public in any other ways later on. You could draft and sign a Copyright Release to protect the title of the work, author’s name, and specify who has the right to do whatever with the work.

Releases are used routinely in film production, as well as by photographers, documentary filmmakers or music and radio producers to ensure that persons consent or will not object later to their materials being used for whatever the release wishes. This means if the release needs to use the sounds, images, or any other adaptation that results from the recording created by the releasor, or maybe a property that the releasor might claim for other right, including trademark or industrial design.

Here are some of the other types of releases:

Medical Records Release: Healthcare providers and insurance companies are required by law to maintain health information and medical records strictly confidential to ensure that all personally identifiable data is fully protected. You would have to sign this form for your confidential medical information to be shared. Essentially, this release form is a waiver from liability.

Lien Release: This can be used by someone who holds a security interest or lien in a property to lift or waive the lien and make the property free for purchase. The most common type is a mortgage lien and it represents the bank’s security interest in the real property. This means that the bank holding the lien on any property must be involved in the sale transaction if you are selling real estate that has a mortgage in order to ensure that the lien is transferred or released beforehand.

Media Release: This is a document that you can send to the media with details of any news. If the information is interesting, the journalists can then write about it. A media release is actually a great way for you to get publicity for your story, petition, or event.
Other Information

An employer can ask an employee to sign a release if he or she is laid off or fired. With this release contract, the employee agrees to waive or give up their right to sue in exchange for certain benefit which is normally severance pay. It is important to understand the release before giving up your legal rights, as well as to carefully consider if enough money is offered to give up legal claims against a company, example in a wrongful termination lawsuit.