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Horse Lease Agreement

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    Horse Lease Agreement 1

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  • Do you own a horse or is thinking of leasing one? If the answer is yes for either one, then it is highly likely that you will enter into a horse lease agreement at some point. This agreement in writing will help to protect you from legal troubles, as well as ensure that the horse is well-cared for.

    If you are entering into horse lease contract, you’ll have two types to choose from. There is one for breeding and another for recreation and sport. For both types, the contract generally specifies the horse owner and the lessee, the lease duration, and the type of horse. One of the more important items for you to identify in this lease would be establishing the horse value.

    The lease terms should identify how the horse should be used and how to handle the monetary exchange. The methods for horse lease termination notice or extension must be defined clearly to avoid misunderstandings. In addition, the lease terms should address insurance, maintenance, heirs, and veterinary services. Above all, the lease must be clear and beneficial to both parties, especially on the matter of renewals.

    A horse lease can be for full time, giving the borrower or lessee complete access and more often responsibility for veterinary care and boarding prices. If it’s a shared-boarding lease agreement, both parties will have access to the animal and more restrictions will be given on what a lessee could do, but the owner will have the financial responsibilities for the care. When a horse is share-boarding you have to explain usage limits, including the specific times and dates for certain party to use the horse.

    You can complete a horse lease agreement template if you are leasing your horse to someone; want to have set terms for a horse leasing agreement, or you are leasing a horse currently without a written agreement and want to explain the agreement.

    If you are entering a horse lease to own contract this process should be taken seriously. The horse would still belong to the person who is selling until that last payment or some other arrangement is made, so the seller has to ensure that the horse is cared for properly. This is something that the buyer must understand when signing the contract.
    A lease-to-own horse agreement form must have information such as the horse to be sold; the buyer and seller; the selling price; methods of payments and when they should be made, and the time when the buyer gets the horse and the transfer of ownership is completed.

    You can find horse lease agreement sample on the internet if are planning to sign a contract in Long Island, New York. Ensure that you provide accurate and complete information when preparing the lease form.

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    Horse Lease Agreement 2

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