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Horse Lease Agreement 1

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Horse Lease Agreement 1
Equine Lease Agreement
Name: ____________________________
Ph No#____________________________
Name: ____________________________
Ph No#____________________________
This agreement is entered into by ______________________ (Lessee)
and ______________________ as Lessor.
Lessor warrants that he/she is the owner of the horse ___________________, and agrees
to lease said horse to ________________ (lessee) subject to the following terms of this
Agreement; and Whereas, Lessee warrants that s/he agrees to lease said horse subject to
the following terms and conditions;
The parties agree as follows:
1. Term
The term of this lease shall commence on ________________, 20__, and terminate
on ____________________, 20__; unless the parties agree in writing to continue the term
of this lease in which case the new term shall be attached hereto, signed and dated by
both parties hereto, and these same terms and conditions shall apply thereto.
Lessee shall/shall not have the option to return the horse to Lessor prior to the end of the
lease term, provided, however, all lease fees hereunder are fully paid up and current
through the time the horse is returned to Lessor.
2. Description.
The lease covers the horse described below:
Name: ____________________________ DOB:___________ Sex:________
Colour: __________________ Breed: _______________Reg No#:_________
3. Lease Payment Fee
Lessee shall pay to Lessor a fee in the amount of $ __________, payable as follows:
Horse Lease Agreement 1