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Horse Lease Agreement 3

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Horse Lease Agreement 3
Horse Lease Agreement 3
NAME OF HORSE: _____________________________________ , SEX: ______, AGE: _______
BREED: ______________________________________, REGISTRATION NO.: _______________
COLOR & MARKINGS: ____________________________________________________________
The parties to this lease agreement are ____________, (hereinafter “LESSOR”), a resident of
the state of ____________ residing at _________________ and ________________,
(hereinafter “LESSEE”), a resident of the state of ___________ residing at
THE PARTIES, in consideration of the mutual covenants contained herein, do hereby agree as
A. LESSOR leases to LESSEE the horse on a month-to-month basis, beginning on
(__mm/dd/yy__). The LESSOR shall be paid by LESSEE as follows:
i. On or before the _____ (__(st/th)) of each month, $_____ for stabling paid directly to
ii. The full amount or $_______ of the shoeing as needed (every ___ weeks) which is
currently set at $______ using ________ as the horse’s farrier. This may be subject to
change at any time at LESSOR’S discretion.
iii. All training costs are to be discussed with ______________ (hereinafter “Trainer”)
and are payable separate and apart of board directly to the
B. LESSEE shall NOT have the right to sub-lease the horse. Only LESSEE is granted
access to ride the horse. No other riders are allowed to ride the horse unless authorized to
do so by LESSOR, which will require that rider sign a waiver of liability form.
LESSEE hereby agrees to keep the horse in good health, giving due consideration to hoof care.
LESSEE shall humanely treat and care for the horse. If any injury to the horse occurs under
LESSEE’S care or supervision, LESSEE is responsible for any and all veterinary expenses.
Shots and checkups are the exclusive responsibility of LESSOR.
LESSEE further agrees to keep the horse at the current stable location. The horse shall not spend
the night away from current stable location, unless prior WRITTEN (via e-mail or letter) consent
has been given by LESSOR. LESSEE agrees to follow LESSOR’S advice on how to care and
train the horse and LESSEE further agrees to follow all of stable’s posted rules and regulations.
Horse Lease Agreement 3