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Horse Lease Agreement 3

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Horse Lease Agreement 3 Page 2
Conditions of Liability. LESSEE agrees that LESSOR is not responsible for total or partial acts,
occurrences, or elements of nature that can scare a horse, cause it to fall, or react in some other
unsafe way. Some examples are: thunder, lightening, rain, wind, water; wild and domestic
animals, insects, and reptiles which may walk, run, fly near, bite, or sting a horse; and irregular
footing on outdoor or indoor groomed or wild land which is subject to constant change in
condition according to weather, temperature, natural and man-made changes in landscape. Neither
LESSOR or stable or its employees and associates are liable for any accidents, injuries, or thefts to
animals and personal property kept at the stable. LESSEE understands that horseback riding
carries certain risks and dangers, and that LESSEE will use best judgment to always take safety
first into consideration while riding the horse, including always wearing a safety helmet. By
signing below, LESSEE releases LESSOR of all liability in connection with any injury
sustained as a result of LESSEES activities on the horse. LESSEE also acknowledges that
horseback riding is an inherently risky activity and hereby releases LESSOR, and stable, and any
other person associated with stable from ANY liability for injury, damage, or loss to LESSEE or
LESSEES equipment. LESSEE understands that stable requires the use of helmets for each rider.
LESSEE will NOT be allowed to ride the horse without the use of a helmet with a safety harness
approved by the State of California for horseback riding activities. Said helmet shall meet all
ASTM F1163-00 standards and shall meet or exceed SEI certified standards. LESSEE
understands that LESSOR is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, damage, or loss to
LESSEE or LESSES personal property, in conjunction with the horse. Warning: There are
inherent risks of injury that you voluntarily accept in connection with your riding, and
other activities (which are not limited to grooming, longing, feeding, bathing, hoof care,
etc.) with the horse. LESSEE, as part of this Agreement, agrees to sign the Waiver of
Liability attached to this Agreement.
________ (LESSEE initial)
This lease is subject to LESSEES performance of the covenants and conditions set forth herein. In
the event LESSEE defaults in performance of any such covenants or conditions, and the breach
continues for more than 30 days, LESSOR may, at __his/her/their__ option declare the lease
forfeit. This lease agreement may be voided with 30 days’ WRITTEN notice from either party for
any reason, or may be voided immediately if the LESSOR and/or stable manager deems that the
horse's health is put at risk by acts or omissions of LESSEE. If less than 30 days’ notice is given
by LESSEE, then payments for the next 30 days will be due notwithstanding. If proper notice is
given, then any monies paid in advance will be refunded, with the exception of a partial month's
stabling. (For example: if the lease agreement is voided the middle of March, then refund will be
given for April or later, but not for the remainder of March)
LESSOR represents that the horse is in sound health and that there are no known illnesses,
infirmities, or unsoundness.
THIS LEASE AGREEMENT is entered into in the state of _________ and will be interpreted and
enforced under the laws of that state.
Horse Lease Agreement 3