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Letter Template

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How to write a formal letter?

Writing letter is one of those things which I have learned in my school days but struggle my whole student life until I entered in corporate life where I have to actually write down the letter on daily bases. While there are different types of letter but formal letter is one of those which can teach you many lessons and rules to write a perfect letter which has ability to convince the reader to understand that what you have written.

What is formal letter?

Formal letter is any type of a letter which encompasses many things. A formal letter could be related to business letter as well because usually the formal letter is used in day to day business activities to send you message to other customers and suppliers that's why calling it business letter would not be wrong. But not all formal letters are business letter because you can use formal letter as personal letter, resignation letter, thank you letter and a letter of invitation etc. In short, it can be used for any communication which is formal for the person who writes it down and the one who read it.

Good qualities of formal letter:

There are some rules, which you need to follow when you are writing formal letter. Yes, you can write down letter without following any rules but it will make it difficult for the reader to understand if you did not write the formal letter in proper format. Although, good quality of communication should be short, sweet and easy to understand. Otherwise, it could be difficult that you achieve what you want from the formal letter. For example, if you are using formal letter as business letter, then you should comes up with proper footer, header and subject matter etc where for friendly letter, you can be more formal and ignore many things etc. Although if you are using formal letter as resignation letter than you suppose to follow the proper format which your company required you to follow at the time of communication in shape of letter.

How to write a formal letter?

You can found many alphabet template of formal letter online, but it is always good to follow them once you understand. Following I am sharing the letter format for formal letter which can be used when you are writing any type of letter including business letter, personal letter, thank you letter and resignation letter etc.


Sender address: Letter always start's from the address of person who is writing. This should be written on right hand corner of the formal letter
Receiver address: Write down the address of person to whom you are writing. His/her address should be written below your address but on the left side of the letter


There is no golden rule regarding to write the date. Different people put date on different side of the letter. You can write it down at the top of the page or under the addresses.


If you know the name of person, then always start with greeting plus name of person, for example "Dear Johan". In case if you don’t know the name then you can write Sir or Madam at name place. Always put comma after that

Body Test:

In this area, you will write down your message. Please be specific, write short and use the good words. Make it easy for the reader to read it.

Ending a formal letter:

If you know the name of person then end the letter with "Yours Sincerely" Where if the person's name is unknown then end it with "Yours Faithfully". Although end the letter with your signature.

With the invention of emails and social media messaging, the art of writing and sending letters seems to be fading away. But let us face it, templates online are the best way to go — unless of course you’re willing to dig up past elementary school lessons on how to write letters. The best thing about looking for letter templates here is that you’re getting a very comprehensive set of easily customizable forms, waivers, and templates all free to download. So no matter what kind of letter it is you need to accomplish, we’ve got you covered right here.