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Ohio Residential Lease Agreement Template

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Ohio Residential Lease Agreement Template
Ohio Residential Lease Agreement Template
Ohio Residential Lease Agreement
THIS AGREEMENT (hereinafter referred to as the "Ohio Lease Agreement") is
made and entered into this ____ day of _______________, 20____, by and between
___________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Landlord") and
________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as "Tenant."
For and in consideration of the covenants and obligations contained herein and other
good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby
acknowledged, the parties hereto hereby agree as follows: 1. PROPERTY.Landlord
owns certain real property and improvements located at ________________________ (hereinafter
referred to as the "Property"). Landlord desires to lease the Premises to Tenant upon the terms and
conditions contained herein. Tenant desires to lease the Premises from Landlord on the terms and
conditions as contained herein.
2. TERM. This Ohio Lease Agreement shall commence on ________________________ andshall
continue as a lease for term. The termination date shall be on ___________________ at 11:59
PM. Upon termination date, Tenant shall be required to vacate the Premises unless one of the
following circumstances occur:
(i) Landlord and Tenant formally extend this Ohio Lease Agreement in writing or create and
execute a new, written, and signed Ohio Lease Agreement; or
(ii) Landlord willingly accepts new Rent from Tenant, which does not constitute past due
In the event that Landlord accepts new rent from Tenant after the termination date, a month-to-
month tenancy shall be created. If at any time either party desires to terminate the month-to-
month tenancy, such party may do so by providing to the other party written notice of intention to
terminate at least 30 days prior to the desired date of termination of the month-to-monthtenancy.
Notices to terminate may be given on any calendar day, irrespective of Commencement
Date. Rent shall continue at the rate specified in this Ohio Lease Agreement, or as allowed by
law. All other terms and conditions as outlined in this Ohio Lease Agreement shall remain in full
force and effect. Time is of the essence for providing notice of termination (strict compliance with
dates by which notice must be provided is required).
3. RENT. Tenant shall pay to Landlord the sum of $______________ per month as Rent for the
Term of the Agreement. Due date for Rent payment shall be the BBBBB day of each calendar month
and shall be considered advance payment for that month. Weekends and holidays do not delay
or excuse Tenant’s obligation to timely pay rent.
A. Delinquent Rent. If not paid on the BBBBB, Rent shall be considered overdue and delinquent
on the BBBB day of each calendar month. If Tenant fails to timely pay any month’s rent,
Tenant will pay Landlord a late charge of $_________ per day until rent is paid in full. If
Landlord receives
the monthly rent by the BBBBB day of the month, Landlord will waive the
late charges for that month. Any waiver of late charges under this paragraph will not
affect or diminish any other right or remedy Landlord may exercise for Tenant’s failure to
timely pay rent.
B. Prorated Rent. In the event that the Commencement Date is not the 1st of the calendar
month, Rent payment remitted on the Commencement Date shall be prorated based on a
30-day period.
Ohio Residential Lease Agreement Template