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Ohio Month to Month Rental Agreement

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Ohio Month to Month Rental Agreement
Date: _____________________
Agreement between ________________________________________, Owner(s), and
_________________________________________, Tenant(s), for a dwelling located at
___________________________________________________________ (Location).
Tenant(s) agree to rent this dwelling on a month-to-month basis for $ _______ per month,
payable in advance on the ______ day of the calendar month for which Owner(s) will give
Tenant(s) a rebate/discount of $ _____________.
The first month's rent for this dwelling is $ ______________.
The security/cleaning deposit on this dwelling is $ _________. It is refundable if Tenant(s)
leave the dwelling reasonably clean and undamaged.
Tenant(s) will give ______ days' notice in writing before they move and will be responsible
for paying rent through the end of this notice period or until another tenant approved by the
Owner(s) has moved in, whichever comes first.
Owners will refund all deposits due within _________ days after Tenants has/have moved
out completely and returned the keys.
Only the following ____ persons and ____ pets are to live in this dwelling described as
Without Owners' prior permission written permission, no other persons may live there and
no other pets may stay there, even temporarily, nor may the dwelling be sublet or used for
business purposes.
Use of the following is included in the rent:
Ohio Month to Month Rental Agreement