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Project Proposal Template 3

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Project Proposal Template 3
Initiate: Project Proposal [Project Name]
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called a ‘hard milestone’. Usually these milestones will be based on the University’s business
cycle. but can also be driven by product cycles. Please give the hard milestones and the reason
for the dependency, eg Deliverable X must be completed by September 2007 in time for start of
academic year 2007/8, or Deliverable Y must be completed by April 2007 to comply with
legislative changes If there are no hard milestones please put ‘None’ in this section.
1.4.2 Multi-Year
The University planning process requires resources to be allocated against an annual
programme. In some cases projects will not fit conveniently within the University’s financial year.
This may simply be a timing issue around a short well defined project eg a new service is
required in the Autumn and work has to start in the previous financial year in order to achieve a
hard milestone so the project will straddle two financial years. However it may be that we are
embarking on a large change project that will take several years of concerted effort to achieve
e.g. EUCLID or RELP.
In these large projects it is often the case that the estimates for resources for later stages can
only be done in outline at the beginning of the project. This is acceptable and the costing template
should be used to indicate best estimates. It is required that proposals for multi year projects are
resubmitted in the annual planning round so that deliverables and resource estimates for the
relevant planning year can be reviewed and updated if necessary.
For multi year projects please indicate the stage breakdown of the project by financial years and
the timing of output. e.g. deliver business case by December, Tender by April, Award Tender by
September, Implement first set of business process going live September following year, etc.
Detail of later years may be sparse but the expected work programme for the coming year needs
to be sufficiently defined that resources can be allocated appropriately.
This section is only required for multi year projects.
Breakdown of Project Stages/Deliverables
1.5 Risks
Please identify the main risks associated with this project. A risk is the possibility that something can go
wrong and interfere with the completion of the project. Assumptions, constraints and dependencies are
other factors that can affect a project. It is best to describe these other factors as risks. e.g. a project may
depend on project X being completed. The risk to this project is that project X may not be done.
2.1 Category
Please indicate the category of this project by putting a brief statement beside the appropriate category.
The Essential categories will need a more detailed justification statement in the Project Justification
Project Proposal Template 3