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Project Proposal Template 2

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Project Proposal Template 2
Project Proposal Template 2
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CCIT Project Proposal Template
The project proposal template is designed to assist in prompting and structuring project proposals prior
to submission for analysis and decision-making.
In proposing your project, your overall goal should be to provide a persuasive argument for the project’s
implementation. Convey the merits of your project from the perspective of your unit and its place within
the organization.
Please provide enough detail to allow someone with limited or general knowledge of your unit’s
operations to understand the proposal. Don’t be concerned if your proposal is not a precise, final, or
exhaustive solution, as that can be further developed once the proposal has been approved. Feel free to
attach any supporting documentation or other additional information. The information you provide will
help improve the quality of the decision-making process.
Once submitted, your project proposal will be analyzed and considered amongst other proposals
throughout the College in a process designed to successfully prioritize, schedule, and coordinate projects
amidst all other activities of the organization. The goal will be to produce the greatest overall benefit to
the organization with consideration of its limited resources.
Project Proposal Template 2