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Project Proposal Template 3

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Project Proposal Template 3
Initiate: Project Proposal [Project Name]
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1 Project Details
1.1 Summary
Please provide a brief executive type summary of the project including: background, current situation,
objectives, timescales and expected benefits. i.e. Why do the project What will the project achieve To
Whom and When What benefits can be expected from the project
When the project eventually starts, the above paragraph will become the Project Home page overview
published on the University’s project website at:
1.2 Business Objectives
Please identify the main business aims of the project. An objective should be a concrete statement
describing what the project is trying to achieve. e.g. a 50% reduction in the time taken to maintain support on
product y by upgrading versions. The objective should be written so that it can be evaluated at the
conclusion of a project to see whether it was achieved or not. A well-worded objective will be Specific,
Measurable, Attainable/Achievable, Realistic and Timebound (SMART). The table below is provided to give
a summary for the section, in many cases no further description will be required, however if your objectives
require more detailed descriptions than can be easily accommodated in the table please insert more detail in
this section after the table.
Objective Description
1.3 Deliverables and Limits
The deliverables are the changes that the project has to make in order to achieve the business
objectives. Typically these will be system implementation or change to achieve the business process
changes described in objectives. In many projects mis-understandings often arise because there are
limits to the scope of the project that have not been clearly stated e.g. the system will only be available to
a certain group of users, the deliverable is only intended to capture a proportion of the transactions, the
system will only be delivered on University supported browsers. Typical deliverables for IT projects are
listed below.
! New IT Service
! New MyEd channel
! New Software system
! Suite of Reports
! Implementation service
! Infrastructure Upgrade
! Business Process Change
! Communication Strategy
Deliverable Description
1.4 Timing and Multi Year Projects
1.4.1 Timing
If the project has a time dependency such that if it is delivered later than the required date then
the benefit will not be realised or would be deferred by a long period. This kind of dependency is
Project Proposal Template 3