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Louisiana Sublease Agreement

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Louisiana Sublease Agreement Page 4
IX. DISCLOSURES – Sublessee agrees and acknowledges the disclosures attached to
this agreement by filling in their initials below;
_____ - State of _________________ required disclosures
______ - Sublessee Rules and Regulations
______ - Sublessee Checklist Upon Move-In
______ - Other ___________________________________________________________
X. ADDITIONAL ADDENDUMS – If any Additional addendum(s) to this agreement,
is described as:
Additional Addendums
XI. DISCLAIMER – If one sentence, section, or portion of this Sublease Agreement is
deemed to be invalid, it does not affect the terms of the rest of this document.
XII. TENANCY – If for any reason the Sublessee or Sublessee’s guest(s) fail to comply
with this Sublease or Parent Agreement, or the Sublessee misrepresented themselves in
this Sublease Agreement or on the Rental Application, the Sublessee may be found in
violation of this Sublease Agreement and at the Lessor’s decision this document may
become Void.
XIII. TIME - Is of the essence.
XIV. LESSOR’S CONSENT – I, the Lessor, hereby consent to this Sublease Agreement
and agree to promptly notify Sublessor within 3 business days in writing if Sublessee is
in breach of this Sublease Agreement. Nothing herein shall constitute a release of
Sublessor, who shall remain bound by the terms of the Parent Lease. Nothing herein shall
constitute consent to any further Sublease or assignment of the Parent Lease or this
In accordance with the law, prior to Lessor’s consent, Sublessor has informed Lessor of
Sublessor’s intent to Sublease the Parent Lease by mailing a notice of such intent in the
manner provided by law, accompanid by the following information.
_____ - The term of the Sublease
_____ - The name of Sublessee
_____ - The business and permanent address of Sublessee
_____ - Lessee’s reasons for Subleasing
_____ - Lessee’s address for the term of the Sublease
_____ - The written consent of any co-Lessee and Sublessee as being a true copy of the
Sublease, to which a copy of the Parent Lease was attached.
_____ - The following additional information
Louisiana Sublease Agreement