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Louisiana Sublease Agreement

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Louisiana Sublease Agreement Page 3
VII. DEPOSITS AND CHARGES - In addition to Rent described above, the Sublessee
shall pay the following to the items that apply:
A. Deposits (check all that apply)
_____ - Security Deposit of $_____________.___ paid upon signing the Lease
_____ - Last Month’s Rent of $_____________.___ paid upon signing the Lease
_____ - Rent in advance of $_____________.___ paid upon signing the Lease
_____ - Pet Deposit of $_____________.___ paid upon signing the Lease
_____ - Other ____________________________________________________________
If the Sublessee has paid a deposit or an advancement of rent, the Lessor or Sublessor
shall deposit the money in a separate interest bearing or non-interest bearing account for
the benefit of the Sublessee. Furthermore, within __________ days after Sublessee has
vacated the premises, returned keys, and provided Lessor with a forwarding address,
Lessor will give Sublessee an itemized written statement of the reasons for, and the dollar
amount of, any of the security deposit retained by the Sublessor, along with a check for
any deposit balance.
B. Late Charges - If Rent has not been paid in full to the Lessor by the Due Date
as stated in Section V the Lessor has the right to either:
(choose one option)
_____ - Charge Sublessee fee of $____, for every day after the Due Date.
_____ - Charge Sublessee fee of ___% of the amount due, for every day after the Due
VIII. UTILITIESSublessee is responsible for the following utility charges:
____ - Electricity
____ - Water
____ - Cable
____ - Internet
____ - Heat
____ - Other _____________________________________________________________
Louisiana Sublease Agreement