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Louisiana Renewal of Surface/Subsurface Lease Form

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Louisiana Renewal of Surface/Subsurface Lease Form
Louisiana Renewal of Surface/Subsurface Lease Form
This contract of lease entered into on this _______ day of ______________________, _______ by and between:
Name of Business/Person: State of Louisiana, State Land Office
Address: P. O. Box 44124
Baton Rouge, LA 70804
Name of Agent: Marty L. Beasley
Title of Agent: Public Lands Administrator
hereinafter referred to as "LESSOR", and
Name of Business/Person:
Name of Agent:
(if applicable)
Title of Agent:
(if applicable)
hereinafter referred to as "LESSEE".
This lease will become binding on LESSOR only after execution by LESSOR and delivery to LESSEE. Deposit of LESSEE'S
first rental payment into any account of LESSOR does not constitute acceptance of this lease by LESSOR.
By virtue of the statutory authority of the State Land Office (L.R.S. 30:171) and upon the terms, conditions and considerations
hereinafter set forth, LESSOR does hereby lease and let unto LESSEE, without any warranty of title whatsoever, the following
described property owned by the State of Louisiana, and situated in the Parish of _________________, to wit:
A ______________ acre circular area centered at a point having Lambert Coordinates of
X=________________________________ and Y=_______________________________
which encircles SWD Well No. ____________, State Lease No. _____________, located
in _______________________________________________________________________
and more fully shown on the attached plat(s).
hereinafter referred to as "the property".
The surface area leased herein shall be no greater than necessary to conduct operations and in no instance shall it be more than
three (3) acres centered around the facility.
The lease granted herein shall have a primary term of ten (10) years, commencing on _____________________________ and
ending on _______________________________.
LESSEE shall have the sole right to construct, convert, recomplete, rework, maintain and operate on "the property", the State
Mineral Lease No. _______________, Well No. _________________, as a saltwater disposal well, to include the right to use "the
property" for those other activities and purposes necessary and incidental to the disposal of saltwater and authorized by L.R.S.
The rental to be paid by LESSEE to LESSOR is set forth as follows:
1. The rental paid by LESSEE to LESSOR shall be an annual rental, the price and sum being
_____________________________________--Dollars, with the first rental being due and payable on or before the date this lease
commences and subsequent rentals being due on or before the same day of each year thereafter.
2. In the event of late payment and, at LESSOR'S option, LESSEE may be granted up to an additional thirty (30) days to
make payment. During this thirty (30) day period, any late rental payments tendered by LESSEE must include an additional late
penalty payment equal to the annual rental. At LESSOR'S option, rental payments tendered more than thirty (30) days following the
due date may be accepted. Acceptance of late payments does not alter the terms of this lease. For payments sent by US Postal
Services, the date postmarked is deemed the date tendered.
3. LESSOR reserves the right, at LESSOR'S sole option, to annually adjust the rental to reflect any newly adopted and
promulgated rules and regulations of the State of Louisiana. Any renewal shall reflect the percentage of increase or decrease in the
cost of living index as established by the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers published by the
Bureau of Labor Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor or equivalent of any such index published by the U.S. Government, or any
revision of said indices which has occurred from date of this instrument to the date of adjustment, provided however, that in no event
shall consideration of such renewal be less than the consideration paid herein for the original term. Should LESSOR determine that
the rental shall be adjusted, LESSOR shall notify LESSEE one (1) year before the rental payment is due or the rental shall not be
Louisiana Renewal of Surface/Subsurface Lease Form