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Residential Lease Agreement 1

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Residential Lease Agreement 1 Page 3
B. Part B of this Lease sets forth your obligations as Resident:
1. Rent: You agree to pay us rent in the amount set forth above. Rent must be paid in
monthly installments on the ____ day of each month.
Rent not paid by the ____th of the month will be assessed a $____ late fee. This fee shall
be considered added rent.
All rent and security deposit payments must be made by cash or money order. Rent must
be paid at our address set forth on the first page of this Lease, or at such other place as we
may notify you in writing.
Other Charges: The Tenant is subject to the charges listed below. These charges shall be
considered added rent:
a. Landlord will provide Tenant with ___ set(s) of keys to the building and
apartment. Additional or replacement keys can be obtained from Landlord at the
cost of $___.
b. The Tenant shall be charged $______ by the Landlord for each returned check.
c. Tenant is responsible to pay all fines charged by the City for the improper storage
and/or disposal of Tenant’s garbage and recycling.
d. Other: ____________________________________________________________
2. Assignment and Sublet: Tenants may have the right to sublet the apartment with the
Landlord’s advance written consent.
a. Tenant shall submit to Landlord a request to sublet in writing that includes: (a)
reason for subletting; (b) term of sublease; (c) name, home and business address
of the proposed subtenant; (d) Tenant’s address during the sublet period.
b. The Landlord may request more information about the subtenant in order to make
a final decision. Landlord shall send the Tenant a notice of consent, or if consent
is denied the reasons for denial, within thirty days after receiving the request.
c. Landlord may withhold consent to assign this lease. If the Landlord refuses
consent, the Tenant cannot assign and is not entitled to be released from this lease.
3. Pets: No Pets Allowed.
- OR -
You have our permission to keep the following pet(s) in the Apartment:
Pet type/breed:
Weight: Ibs Height:
We have given permission for you to keep only the pet(s) listed above and no others.
Pet owners are required to pay a $_______ non-refundable pet deposit. Having an
unauthorized pet is considered a default of this lease, except for guide dogs or other
assistance animals for disabled residents.
THC Lease July 2009
Residential Lease Agreement 1