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Residential Lease Agreement 1

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Residential Lease Agreement 1
A. Part A of this lease sets forth our obligations as Owner:
1. Utilities and Amenities: We will provide and pay for the following in the Apartment:
 Water  Electricity  Phone  Cable
 Garbage  Gas  Leaf and Snow Removal
* All those not indicated are the responsibility of the tenant.
2. Entering the Apartment: We may enter your apartment in order to make repairs or
inspect or to show the apartment to possible or actual purchasers, mortgage lenders,
possible future residents, appraisers, workers, or contractors. We do respect your privacy
and will notify you at least 24 hours before entering your apartment, except in cases of
3. Renter’s Insurance: Your personal property is not insured by us and you must obtain
renter’s insurance in order to have coverage for your personal property in the event of
theft or damage.
4. Delivery of Possession: We will deliver the apartment to you as of the beginning date of
the term. If the Apartment is not ready for you to move in as of that date, you may
terminate this Lease. Alternatively, if you wish to wait until the Apartment is ready, you
will not have to pay rent until we notify you that the Apartment is ready. When we notify
you that the Apartment is ready, your obligation to pay your rent shall begin.
5. Return of Security Deposit: Your security deposit will be returned to you after your
lease has ended and if you have met the following conditions:
a. You have vacated your Apartment;
b. You have paid the rent due under the Lease;
c. You have given us proper notice of your leaving;
d. You have removed your personal property and have left the Apartment in good
and clear order, except for ordinary wear and tear.
e. Cleaning charges: If the Tenant fails to leave the apartment in clean condition, a
cleaning charge of $40.00 per room shall be applied against the security deposit.
In addition, a cleaning charge of $40.00 for the stove and $40.00 for the
refrigerator shall be applied against the security deposit if these appliances are not
left in clean condition. If the Tenant leaves the apartment in clean condition, these
charges will be omitted.
If we retain some or all of your security deposit we will notify you, at the forwarding
address you provide, of the reasons we withheld part or all of your security deposit. We
will send you notice and/or return your security deposit within 30 days.
THC Lease July 2009
Residential Lease Agreement 1