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Residential Lease Agreement 2

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Residential Lease Agreement 2
Residential Lease Agreement 2
lease.doc Page 1
1. Parties and date
. The date stated above in the caption is for identification
purposes only and may be different from the actual date of signatures. The parties to
this agreement are:
1.1 The identity of the Lessor
(landlord) is
1.2 The address of Lessor
1.3 The identity of Lessee (Tenant) is (name all if more than one; include all
adults who will be co-tenants):
All lessees and tenants are referred to together in this agreement as "lessee," and each
lessee is jointly and severally responsible for the obligations of lessee in this
agreement. No adults other than those identified in this paragraph are permitted to
reside in the property. A person occupying the property substantially as a living or
sleeping place for more than 10 days in any month is presumed to be residing in the
1.4 Identities of children who will be occupying the property:
2. Address of Property. The rental property is the following:
3. Term of Rental Agreement.
a. Term. Lessor leases to lessee the property for the term beginning and ending
as described below. This rental agreement terminates at 11:59:59 p.m.(midnight), U.S.
Pacific Time, on the ending date described below. (If this is a month-to-month rental
agreement, so state in the "ending date" blank below).
Beginning date:
Ending date:
b. Hold-over tenancy: If, at the termination of the agreement, the lessee
remains in possession with consent of the lessor after the termination, and if the lessee
pays rent accepted by the lessor during such possession, this agreement shall be deemed
converted to a month-to-month rental without further action by either lessor or lessee.
The conversion of this rental agreement to a month-to-month tenancy after the ending date
is not automatic. The lessee cannot remain in the property beyond the termination of this
rental agreement unless the lessor has given specific written consent, or unless the
lessor accepts rent after the termination. Unless the lessor has given specific written
consent to continue the tenancy on a month-to-month basis, the lessee must vacate by the
termination date and time; without such written consent from the lessor, the lessee bears
the risk of eviction if the lessor does not accept further rent. Among other things, the
lessor may require, as a condition of consent, that the lessee pay rent in advance for the
holdover tenancy, or make an additional security deposit. If the tenancy becomes a month-
to-month rental, all security deposits shall remain on deposit with lessor until the
tenancy is terminated; other terms of this agreement shall also remain in effect, subject
to change after notice as provided in the Residential Landlord-Tenant Act of 1973 as
amended. If this agreement is, or becomes, a month-to-month agreement, or if the term is
Residential Lease Agreement 2