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Sample Letter of Introduction

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I am currently employed by Raytheon Company as the Director of Finance for the SIVAM and WASM
Programs. SIVAM is an environmental monitoring and surveillance system that we are now installing
in the Amazon Region of Brazil. WASM is an acronym for Wide Area Surveillance and Management
Systems. This is a brand new business area where we are trying to leverage off of our SIVAM
success by offering similar systems around the world. My responsibilities include managing the
financial aspects of the existing business while arranging and securing financing for future ventures. I
work very closely with program management and business development folks inside of Raytheon as
well as the Export-Import Bank of the United States, the Central Bank in Brazil’s capital of Brasilia,
and several commercial banks in the U.S.
I have been fortunate to spend my entire career at Raytheon having started as a “co-op” student from
Northeastern University. The company has offered me many diverse and challenging assignments at
several of its key business units. In addition to the traditional Defense units of the company, I have
performed on assignments as diverse as financial analysis for a “smart” automobiles venture with
Ford Motor Company to a contract analysis of an oil refinery that Raytheon was constructing for Mobil
Oil in Singapore, to my current effort.
I reside in Acton, MA with my wife, Ann, and our two children, Greg and Katy. In addition to our full-
time professions, we actively participate in their educational, athletic, and social development.
Outside of work, my activities revolve around a very active family life. I’m involved as much as I can
with school, boy and girl sports and scouting. My personal passion is flying. I’ve held a pilot’s license
for almost as many years as my driver’s license. I fly as a member of the Hanscom Air Force Aero
Club and the Civil Air Patrol, both located in Bedford, MA. While most aircraft were grounded for
several days after September 11, CAP flew many humanitarian missions into New York. I’m also an
avid reader and love to travel.
I’m excited about the opportunity to meet and work with you in EMBA XX. I believe our time working
together will not only yield tremendous professional benefits for all of us, but will also provide the
opportunity to form personal relationships that will last well beyond the completion of the Program.
Sample Letter of Introduction