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Letter of Introduction Template 1

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Letter of Introduction Template 1
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Sender’s Name,
Sender’s Address
Date (e.g. 15 May 2012 or May 15, 2012)
Mr/Ms/Mrs Full Name of the receiver,
Receiver’s Address
Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs Last Name,
Let me introduce myself formally. I am ___________; we met each other in the monthly
meet organized by our common sponsor Mr._________. Congratulations on your new
contract with XYZ Enterprises
The purpose behind writing this letter is to introduce to our company _______. We have
an experience of over seven years as pioneers in our field. It is my immense pleasure to
introduce to you our products and services. Please find enclosed catalogs and other
relevant particulars of the company. I would highly appreciate if you allow us to meet
you personally for a detailed presentation.
Thanking you,
Warm Regards,
Full Name
Encl: Catalogs
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Letter of Introduction Template 1