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Sample Letter of Introduction

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Sample Letter of Introduction
Sample Letter of Introduction
Boston University Executive MBA Program
Sample Letters of Introduction
As a Senior Account Manager at Lois Paul & Partners, a high-tech public relations agency in
Burlington, MA. I have had a front row seat over the past five years as the technology sector first
boomed and now busts. In public relations, I have worked with my clients to find ways to ride the
Internet wave, develop product strategies, and communicate business expansion. Today that job has
changed as I now work with my clients to communicate layoffs, refocus product initiatives, and look
ahead for the next wave of opportunity. And as with all high-tech businesses today, LP&P has been
affected by a slowing economy, creating internal business challenges.
I am currently responsible for three clients and handle everything from press release writing and
media relations to participating in the executive level strategy discussions that drive my clients’
businesses. Even though LP&P is a 15-year-old company, because our clients are often start-ups
themselves, the past 5 years have at times felt like I, too, was working for a start-up with its hectic
pace and constant pressure.
Prior to LP&P I held sales-oriented positions at Baybank (now part of FleetBoston) and the Herb
Chambers Auto Group in Boston. I certainly learned a great deal about the psychology of selling at
the dealership, and I gained a whole new perspective on the car buying process. In that time I also
worked on pulling together my own start-up called Advanced Marketing Solutions, which in 1995 and
1996 was aimed at what was then a fledgling market of designing and hosting Web sites. Today
companies like ours have well-known names like Sapient, Razorfish, and Breakaway Solutions.
Unfortunately, my partner and I could not secure the time or monetary resources to go forward, but I
now have a healthy respect for what it takes to start a business and deeply admire the celebrated few
who have made it work.
I balance the demands of my job with time spent working on my newly purchased 1930s two-family
home in Somerville. Since April 2000, my wife and I have spent much of our free time scraping paint
and wallpaper, skim coating plaster, replacing trim, and painting. On the odd weekend, we’ve dug
holes and installed a fence ourselves and planted a perennial garden. As a reward we might grab a
beer on Sunday afternoon and settle down on the front porch to listen to the latest gameRed Sox
vs. Yankees, Stanley Cup Finals, or the NBA Finals.
While many people think home repairs are tedious but necessary evils, I have come to enjoy the
satisfaction that comes with the completion of a project. Few things are as rewarding as stepping
back and looking at a freshly painted room, admiring the effort that went into bringing it back to life. I
am looking forward to the new challenges and experiences that lie ahead. I anticipate spending many
hours reading through course materials in the solitude of our newly lush backyard shade garden. And
if you know Somerville at all, you know how happy we are that the backyard isn’t paved over!
Sample Letter of Introduction