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Memorandum of Understanding Template 1

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Memorandum of Understanding Template 1 Page 2
Memorandum of Understanding Template 1
6. Provide two 18” x 24” metal signs with the North Country Trail Town logo for posting at the entrances
to Trail Town.
7. Regularly maintain the section(s) of the North Country National Scenic Trail near the Trail Town so
that casual day hikers can easily locate and follow it.
Trail Town shall:
1. Include the NCNST and the NCTA in their promotional materials.
2. Make North Country Trail information available to the public at the local visitor centers and/or
Chamber of Commerce and provide space for a NCTA display or wall mounted poster.
3. Work with the local NCTA contact to promote periodic guided hikes or events
4. Assist in promoting special designations such as Pennsylvania Hiking Week and National Trails Day.
5. Monitor the number of visitors who are seeking the Trail Town as a destination for hiking.
6. Attract businesses that support nature-based tourism such as outfitters, hostels, and shuttling services
and assure that NCTA maps and guides will be available from a business in town for visitors to purchase.
7. Encourage local businesses to provide discounts on accommodations or special weekend packages for
visitors who show their NCTA membership card.
8. Install the two North Country Trail Town signs at the entrances of the community as soon as possible
after the issuance of the Proclamation.
We, the undersigned, have agreed on the contents of this MOU. Any changes must be agreed to by both
Trail Town(Town, City, Village, Borough)
Signed_________________________________ ____________________
, Title Date
Signed_________________________________ ____________________
, Title Date
North Country Trail Association
Signed_________________________________ ____________________
, Executive Director Date
Memorandum of Understanding Template 1