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Memorandum of Understanding Template 1

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Memorandum of Understanding Template 1
Memorandum of Understanding Template 1
Template Memorandum of Understanding
Memorandum of Understanding
North Country Trail Association and _____________________
This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is entered into by and between North Country Trail
Association, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located at 229 E. Main Street, Lowell, MI 49331,
hereinafter referred to as NCTA, and ________________________ located at ____________________
______________________, hereinafter referred to as Trail Town.
Purpose: The purpose of this MOU is to promote the natural and cultural heritage of the North Country as
a destination for visitors who increasingly ask for outdoor experiences and places to hike.
Statement of Mutual Interests and Benefits: NCTA is dedicated to building, maintaining, promoting, and
protecting a 4,600 mile long distance hiking trail through the northern tier of states from New York to
North Dakota, called the North Country National Scenic Trail (NCNST), providing a variety of outdoor
experiences throughout the North Country to connect visitors to the wonders of nature. The Trail Town is
near the NCNST which offers basic tourism amenities and can be marketed as a nature-based tourism
destination, resulting in local economic stimulus and increased public awareness of the natural and
cultural heritage of the North Country.
This MOU is established between NCTA and Trail Town to help each other accomplish mutually
beneficial objectives:
A. Educate local businesses of the value of the NCNST as an economic resource.
B. Enable both parties to apply for targeted grants to assist in the community’s efforts towards nature-
based tourism development, economic development, and trail-related infrastructure development through
the development of promotional products, educational resources or signature events.
C. Increased usage and awareness of the NCNST attracting more eco-tourists to local communities.
D. Promote responsible tourism development within the community and support of the NCNST.
In consideration of the above premises, the parties agree as follows:
NCTA shall:
1. Promote the Trail Town as a destination through its website and other media.
2. Offer outreach materials to the community such as brochures, newsletters, posters, displays, etc.
3. Provide detailed information on hiking opportunities near the community which can be reproduced and
distributed to visitors to Trail Town.
4. Provide periodic guided hikes that depart from the Trail Town.
5. Provide support at local festivals or other community events to encourage interest in the North Country
Trail, when possible.
Memorandum of Understanding Template 1