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Wyoming Health Care Power of Attorney Form

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The Wyoming health care power of attorney is a legal document used by the grantor to authorize the attorney-in-fact to make decisions about his/her health care matters.

Wyoming Health Care Power of Attorney Form
) ss.
COUNTY OF __________ )
Know All Men By These Presents that I, ___________________, residing at
_________________, _____________, Wyoming, ________ herebymake,constitute,
and appoint, ____________________my true and lawfulattorney in fact for use andin
my name, place and stead, and on our behalf and for my use and benefit as follows:
To obtain medical care for whatever reason as required if I am unable to do so
for myself for whatever reason. ____________________ has the authoritytocontract
with any physician, hospital, or other type of health facility which is necessary to
provide for the adequate care of myself, ___________________.
The above named individual shall have the authority to complete and sign any
required documentation, authorizations, or release necessary to obtain the requisite
medical care and to otherwise exercise or perform any act, power, duty, right, or
obligation whatsoever that I would have or may be required to exercise or perform to
obtain the necessary medical care for myself if I am unable to do so for any reason.
The above-named individual shall have the power and authority to do, take,and
perform all and every act or thing whatsoever requisite, proper, or necessary to be done
in the exercise of any of the rights and powers herein granted as fully to all extent and
purpose as I might or could do if I were personally capable with full power of
substitution or revocation hereby ratifying and confirming all that said attorney in fact
shall lawfully do or cause to be done by virtue of this Power of Attorney and the rights
and powers herein granted. This medical Power ofAttorneyinthe enumeration of said
specific items, rights, acts, and powers herein is not intended to, nor does it limit or
restrict, and is not to be construed or interpreted as limiting or restricting the medical
powers herein granted to said attorney in fact.
Wyoming Health Care Power of Attorney Form