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Wyoming General Durable Power of Attorney Form

Wyoming General Durable Power of Attorney Form
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General Durable Power of Attorney
Effective Upon Execution
I, ______________________, a resident of __________________, Wyoming;
Social Security Number ____-___-______ designate
________________________, presently residing at ______________________,
___________, Wyoming, _________, as my attorney in fact (referred to as “the
Agent”) on the following terms and conditions:
1) Authority to Act. The Agent is authorized to act for me under this Power of
Attorney and shall exercise all powers in my best interests and for my welfare.
2) Powers of Agent. The Agent shall have the full power and authority to manage
and conduct all of my affairs, and to exercise my legal rights and powers,
including those rights and powers that I may acquire in the future, including the
i) Collect and Manage. To collect, hold, maintain, improve, invest, lease, or
otherwise manage any or all of my real or personal property or any
interest therein;
ii) Buy and Sell. To purchase, sell, mortgage, grant options, or otherwise
deal in any way in any real property or personal property, tangible or
intangible, or any interest therein, upon such terms as the Agent
considers proper, including the power to buy United States Treasury
Bonds that may be redeemed at par to pay federal estate tax and to sell or
transfer Treasury securities;
iii)Borrow. To borrow money, to execute promissory notes therefore, and to
secure any obligation by mortgage or pledge.
iv) Business and Banking. To conduct and participate in any kind of lawful
business of any nature or kind, including the right to sign partnership
agreements, continue, reorganize, merge, consolidate, recapitalize, close,
liquidate, sell, or dissolve any business and to vote stock, including the
exercise of any stock options and the carrying out of any buy sell
agreement; to receive and endorse checks and other negotiable paper,
deposit and withdraw funds (by check or withdrawal slips) that I now
have on deposit or to which I may be entitled in the future in or from any
bank, savings and loan, or other institution;
Wyoming General Durable Power of Attorney Form