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Sample Lease Agreement 2

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Sample Lease Agreement 2
Sample Lease Agreement 2
THE UNDERSIGNED LESSOR/OWNER has let and demised unto the undersigned LESSEE(S) herein called
“Tenant”, this
day of ___________ , 20 :
Rental Address:
Lessee/Tenant Name(s): ________________________________ _____________________________
________________________________ _____________________________
________________________________ _____________________________
Lessor/Owner Name(s): __________________________
Rental Amount:
____________________ Security Deposit: ____________________
TO HAVE AND TO HOLD THE SAME, with the rights and privileges thereof, for the term of
on condition of payment
to said Lessor of a rent therefor of ___________________________________________________________
on the
next hereafter; that the demised premises shall not be altered, mutilated, damaged,
sublet, or underlet without the knowledge and written consent of the Lessor; and that for any condition broken,
the Lessor, so choosing, may enter upon and resume possession of said premises, without prejudice to
his/her/their other rights or remedies against the Tenant, hereunder, pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws.
1. DEPOSITS: Security Deposit is due at signing of lease or no later than ____________________. First
Month/First Payment, Last Month Rent and Rubbish Removal Fee is due by
Checks should be made payable to __________________________________ and delivered
to__________________________________________________. If any of the present students are re-
renting the same property, _____________________, (hereinafter "Realty Agency") is entitled to the
full commission.
2. SECURITY/DAMAGE DEPOSIT: The security deposit is to be held to reserve rental for
. Upon Tenant’s arrival, it
becomes a damage deposit. If the Tenant changes his/her/their mind, the security deposit is non-
refundable and will be forfeited. The damage deposit will be returned within 20 days of the expiration
of the Lease pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws, turning in the keys ($10.00 for each missing key),
and providing forwarding addresses, provided there is no physical damage to the premises and its
furnishings, other than ordinary wear and tear, and no outstanding bills as provided. Tenants agree to
allow Lessor to deduct from the security deposit the following charges if they apply: (a) The costs of any
repairs, replacements, redecorating, and or refurnishing of the premises, or any fixtures, systems or
appliances, caused by other than “ordinary” wear; (b) any damages caused by smoking inside the house
as smoking is not permitted; (c) a reasonable cleaning expense; and (d) any outstanding bills (e.g. cable,
internet, phone, electric, fuel). THE SECURITY DEPOSIT MAY NOT BE USED FOR RENTAL
3. DELINQUENT AND/OR RETURNED CHECKS: Lessor's ability to provide services rests upon the
prompt receipt of monthly/semester rental payment. Lessor's failure to receive Lessee's
monthly/semester rent within 5 days of the due date will result in a late fee of $25.00 for each late
payment, and an additional $2.00 fee per day will be assessed until payment is made. If a check has been
returned by the financial institution, all future payments will be required in cash or by certified check. In
addition, Lessee shall pay a $35.00 returned check fee. Eviction process for all tenants will begin on the
day any payment from any one individual is in arrears. All fees, late fees, and service charges
incurred by the Tenant as well as any expenses including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred by Lessor in
instituting and prosecuting any actions by reason of any default of Tenant hereunder shall be deemed to
be additional rent and shall be due from Tenant to Lessor immediately following the incurring of the
respective expenses, the nonpayment of which shall be a breach of this agreement for nonpayment of
4. INSPECTION: Lessee shall have 3 days from the beginning of the Lease to inspect the premises and
return the "Inspection Sheet." Lessee shall be responsible for any damages not identified on the
Sample Lease Agreement 2