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Sample Lease Agreement 3

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Sample Lease Agreement 3
Sample Lease
Name:____________________________________________ Name: ____________________________________________
Address: __________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________ Phone: ____________________________________________
MANAGING AGENT (if appropriate)
Name: ____________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Phone: ____________________________________________
The apartment number or floor is _____. The building is located at ______. Landlord will rent this apartment to tenant from
(month/day/year) through (month/day/year).
The rent for the apartment is $_______ a month. Tenant will pay the rent on the ____ day of each month or on the following dates. If
there are or will be any additional charges in connection with living in this apartment, they are described at the end of the lease. Rent
should be paid to _______ at ________. When the rent is paid, landlord will give tenant a written receipt.
If the tenant pays more than ten days after the due date specified above, s/he will be charged a $50.00 late fee.
Tenant has paid landlord $______ as a security deposit. Landlord will hold the deposit until the end of the lease; the security deposit
remains tenant's money. Landlord will keep the deposit separate from landlord's own money.
Landlord will put the security deposit in a bank account paying the "normal" rate of interest. Landlord may keep one percent a year for
administrative costs; the rest of the interest will be paid to tenant each year. The security deposit is on deposit at the (bank), (street),
(city), (zip code), (account number).
Landlord will return the security deposit, plus interest, to tenant at the end of the lease if: (a) The apartment is in good condition
except for normal wear and tear or damage not caused by tenant or tenant's family or guests. If landlord deducts money from tenant's
deposit, landlord will provide an itemized list of the items for which tenant is being charged.
Landlord will return the deposit to tenant no more than thirty (30) days after the lease ends. If ownership of the building is transferred,
landlord agrees within five days of the transfer to give over the deposit, plus any interest owing, to either: (1) the tenant or (2) the new
owner who is taking control of the building. Landlord agrees that tenant will be notified by certified mail of the name and address of
the new owner.
Tenant agrees that the apartment will be used only to live in. Tenant may not use the apartment to conduct any illegal activity. Tenant
agrees not to damage the apartment, the building, the grounds or the common areas or to interfere with the rights of other tenants to
live in their apartments in peace and quiet. Landlord agrees to do nothing that would prevent or interfere with tenant's legal use of the
If the apartment is not ready to move into when the lease begins, tenant may cancel this lease at any time before the apartment is ready
and receive a full refund of money paid to landlord, including the security deposit.
When the lease ends, tenant agrees to return the apartment to the same condition it was in at the start of the lease, other than normal
wear and tear, except for those items that were noted on inspection and described at the end of this lease. Tenant will not be asked to
pay for damage not cause by tenant, tenant's family or guests.
Landlord will provide the following services: (e.g: heat, electricity, gas, garbage removal, water).
Landlord promises that the apartment and building comply with applicable housing codes, are fit to live and not dangerous to life,
health or safety of the occupants. Landlord will be held responsible if this promise is broken, even if it is not the landlord's fault,
unless the apartment or building becomes unfit to live in due to tenant's misconduct or that of tenant's family or guests. Landlord
agrees to make all necessary repairs and take all necessary action to keep the apartment and building fit to live in and to meet all
housing code requirements.
(a) If landlord does not live up to the terms of this lease or fails to provide any of the services which landlord agrees to provide, tenant
may have the right not to pay part or all of the rent. (b) State law may give tenant the right, in addition to other rights, to withhold rent
and pay the supplier directly when the landlord fails to provide water, electricity or gas to the building's common areas, or to the entire
Sample Lease Agreement 3