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Revocable Living Trust Sample

Revocable Living Trust Sample
Revocable Living Trust Sample
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Legal Description
This sample plan was run utilizing an California checklist and software to illustrate the state-specific
features of Cowles’ software. Your system would be specific for the state in which you practice –
including fully integrated state-specific will attestation clauses, powers of attorney, health care directives,
deeds, and community property agreements where applicable.
The information provided in the checklist is used to generate the trust agreement and supporting
documents selected. The trust agreement is made up of five articles, with most variable information
included in Articles One and Two. Segmenting the most specific information makes reviewing the trust
with the clients(s) much easier, and facilitates easy, inexpensive addendums to the trust. Revisions to the
trust during the appointment are also easy to make when various articles are used. Since revisions impact
only Articles One and /or Two in most cases, it is not necessary to reprint the entire trust document if
revisions are made.
Revocable Living Trust Sample