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Revocable Living Trust Form

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Revocable Living Trust Form
Revocable Living Trust Form
DENVER, CO 80209
The purposes of this memorandum are to assist you in:
1. Transferring property to your revocable living trust (called “funding” the trust); and
2. Maintaining records for the trust and reporting income from assets held by the trust.
This memorandum only provides general information. If you have any questions, please contact us.
Part I of this memorandum discusses how to transfer assets from your own name to the name of your
revocable living trust. Your revocable living trust is a “Will substitute:” that is, it is the document
that determines who will receive your property after you die, and how and when they will receive
it. The trust is also a tool to handle your assets if you become disabled. Along with your revocable
living trust, you probably also signed a “pour-over” Will; a Will that essentially says that you leave
your estate to the revocable living trust at the time of your death. In addition, you may have signed
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Revocable Living Trust Form