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Program Evaluation Template

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Program Evaluation Template
Internal Program Evaluation Template
1. Did this program help your organization achieve its mission
2. To what degree did the program achieve its own program goals and objectives
3. How would you evaluate the artistic quality of the program
4. How would you describe the audience’s response to the program
5. How would you evaluate the program’s impact on the audience
6. Was the program’s design effective in meeting artists’, participants and audience’s
7. How would you evaluation the site/location in terms of:
Suitability for program needs
Size for accommodating audience and program
Accessibility to the differently abled
8. How would you evaluate the date in terms of:
Availability of desired spaces(s)
Conflicts with other programs competing for the same audience
Do timeframe and targeted date given enough planning and implementation time
Weather risks
9. Comment on logistical aspects of the program which deserve discussion. Comment
on availability, affordability, skills needed, manageability.
Program Evaluation Template