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Non Compete Agreement Sample 2

Non Compete Agreement Sample 2
Sample Noncompete Agreements
Example 1:
This example is a complete agreement that you can fill in and use for an employee who
does not have a separate written employment contract.
Nondisclosure and Noncompetition. (a) At all times while this agreement is in force
and after its expiration or termination, [employee name] agrees to refrain from disclosing
[company name]’s customer lists, trade secrets, or other confidential material.
[Employee name] agrees to take reasonable security measures to prevent accidental
disclosure and industrial espionage.
(b) While this agreement is in force, the employee agrees to use [his/her] best efforts to
[describe job] and to abide by the nondisclosure and noncompetition terms of this
agreement; the employer agrees to compensate the employee as follows: [describe
compensation]. After expiration or termination of this agreement, [employee name]
agrees not to compete with [company name] for a period of [number] years within a
[number] mile radius of [company name and location]. This prohibition will not apply if
this agreement is terminated because [company] violated the terms of this agreement.
Competition means owning or working for a business of the following type: [specify type
of business employee may not engage in]
(c) [Employee name] agrees to pay liquidated damages in the amount of $[dollar
amount] for any violation of the covenant not to compete contained in subparagraph (b)
of this paragraph.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, [company name] and [employee name] have signed this
[company name]
[employee’s name]
Date: ________________________________
Example 2:
This example is part of a larger agreement, such as an employment contract or an
employee handbook. You can use it as a separate agreement or incorporate it into
another, larger document.
Nondisclosure and Noncompetition. (a) After expiration or termination of this
agreement, [employee name] agrees to respect the confidentiality of [company name]
patents, trademarks, and trade secrets, and not to disclose them to anyone.
(b) [Employee name] agrees not to make use of research done in the course of work
done for [company name] while employed by a competitor of [company name]
Non Compete Agreement Sample 2