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Non Compete Agreement Sample 1

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Non Compete Agreement Sample 1
Non Compete Agreement Sample 1
Timothy Parks Construction, Inc. Noncompete Agreement — Page 1
Noncompete Agreement
This agreement is between Timothy Parks Construction, Inc., a Florida corporation
(Employer), and
(Employee). In consideration of Employer's hiring Employee, Employee agrees as
1. Agreement Not to Compete
While I, the Employee, am employed by Employer, and for 3 years afterward, I will not
directly or indirectly participate in a business, in the same geographic area, that is similar
to a business now or later operated by Employer. This includes participating in my own
business or as a co-owner, director, officer, consultant, independent contractor, employee
or agent of another business.
In particular, I will not:
(a) solicit or attempt to solicit any business or trade from Employer's actual or
prospective customers or clients
(b) employ or attempt to employ any employee of Employer
(c) divert or attempt to divert business away from Employer, or
(d) encourage any independent contractor or consultant to end a relationship with
2. Right to an Injunction
I acknowledge and agree that if I breach or threaten to breach any of the terms of this
agreement, Employer will sustain irreparable harm and will be entitled to obtain an
injunction to stop any breach or threatened breach of this agreement.
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Non Compete Agreement Sample 1