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New Mexico Application to Sublease Form

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New Mexico Application to Sublease Form
New Mexico Application to Sublease Form
P.O. Box 1148, Santa Fe, NM 87504
I, ___________________________of ________________________________, lessee under
State Land Office Lease No. (Lease), dated , hereby apply to sublease
all / a part of the rights, interests and privileges granted under said Lease to ___________________
____________________________________________________, pursuant to the sublease agreement.
As a condition precedent to the amendment of said Lease to permit the above referenced
sublease, I understand and hereby agree that:
1. The sublease cannot grant and shall not purport to grant to the sub lessee rights, interests or
privileges that are more extensive than those conveyed to me by the Lease. The term of the sublease
shall commence and terminate within the term of the Lease and any relinquishment, cancellation or
termination of the Lease shall terminate the sublease.
2. The sublease cannot modify and shall not purport to modify any of my covenants or
obligations to Lessor (the Commissioner of Public Lands) under the Lease.
3. The sublease shall not constitute and shall not be construed as any type of agreement,
expressed or implied, between Lessor and the sub lessee.
4. The sublease shall be for the sole and exclusive purpose of and no
other uses of the leased premises by the sub lessee shall be permitted.
5. The amount of annual rental I shall receive under the attached sublease is
$_______________ per year. The finalized sublease contract will be furnished to the New Mexico
State Land Office immediately upon execution. Additionally, the NMSLO requires a copy of any
subsequent financial amendments to the sublease contract.
6. The value to me of non-monetary consideration, if any, received by me for the sublease is
______________________________. Such non-monetary consideration is described as
7. Attached is a separate list of sub-lessee improvements which will be located on this site.
8. Any false statements by me on this application shall subject the Lease to cancellation.
New Mexico Application to Sublease Form