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New Jersey Rental Application

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New Jersey Rental Application
New Jersey Rental Application
Present Address
First Middle Last
No. Street City State Zip
How long have you lived at this address Cell Phone #
Former Address
No. Street City State Zip
How long have you lived at this address
Social Security #
Date of Birth
Email Address
** Please note that all applicants over the age of 18 must fill out a separate application.
I hereby grant the above Apartment/Landlord/Realtor, whichever is applicable, and its designee the right to process this credit application for the
purpose of obtaining a rental lease. In compliance with the FAIR CREDIT REPORTING ACT, this notice is to inform you that the processing
of this application includes but is not limited to making inquiries deemed necessary to verify the accuracy of the information herein, including
procuring consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies, obtaining credit information from other credit institutions and criminal
background checks fr
om appropriate law enforcement agencies. You have the right to make a written request within a reasonable period of time
to receive additional information about the nature of this investigation. The undersigned agrees that this application shall remain the property of
the apartment complex, landlord, Realtor, regardless if rental lease is granted. The landlord also reserves the right to contact the above applicant
by any means given over by applicant.
The undersigned also agrees that once the prospective tenant has remitted a deposit, they will have
72 hours not including weekends to change their mind. After that time, the deposit will be posted as
rent for the apartment noted below for a minimum one year lease. If prospective tenant changes
their mind about renting the apartment after the 72 hour time period has passe
d, the deposit will be
treated as liquidated damages, and accordingly will be forfeited.
Disclaimer: Rents and Promotions are based on this application and its approval of any/all factors.
Rents and/or promotions seen in any advertisements or on this application will be honored only once
signed on the Lease Agreement by all parties. We take no responsibility for any pricing/ promotions/
information/pictures etc. listed in any advertisements.
Applicant’s Signature Date
I am applying for:
Apartment #
Rent Amount
Move in
For Office Use Only
Approved by
Signature of Approver
Rent Amt_
Move In
New Jersey Rental Application