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New Jersey Month to Month Rental Agreement Form

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New Jersey Month to Month Rental Agreement Form
New Jersey Month to Month Rental Agreement Form
1. Parties and
landlords rules and regulations and of the
terms and conditions of this Lease
Agreement, and Landlord may terminate this
Lease Agreement and recover possession of
the demised premises.
2. Term.
The Lease is a month to month lease
starting on
_. The Landlord is
The Landlord leases to the Tenant
located at:
Use of Property.
The Tenant may use the Apartment
only as private residence for himself/
herself and the following individuals:
and none other. It shall be deemed a breach
of this Lease Agreement and a substantial
violation of the Landlord's Rules and
Regulations if any other person is found to
reside in the Unit. Tenant shall notify
Landlord of its telephone number for the
Premises and for emergency contact
immediately upon obtaining it.
The statements and representations made by
Tenant in applying for the apartment have
caused Landlord to enter into this
agreement, and if any of these statements
and representations should be false it shall
be considered a substantial breach of the
not responsible if the Landlord cannot give
the Tenant possession of the Apartment. If
the Landlord cannot give possession within
30 days after the starting date, the Tenant
may cancel this Lease as its only remedy
against Landlord. The Tenant must notify
the Landlord of the Tenant's decision to stay
or to leave at least ONE CALENDAR
MONTH before the end of any term.
$ as base rent for the
initial term, to be paid as follows:
$ per month, due on
or before the 1
day of each month in
advance. The first payment of rent and
security deposit is due upon the signing of
this Lease by the Tenant. The Tenant must
pay a late charge of 10% of one month’s
rent as additional rent for each payment that
is more than 5 days late. This late charge is
due with the monthly rent payment. In the
event a rent check is returned by the bank
for any reason, Tenant shall pay and
additional fee of $50 (NSF) as additional
rent. Landlord has the right to require that
all rental payments and additional fees be
made by money order, cashier’s check
and/or certified check. All amounts that
may be due and payable to the landlord from
the tenant pursuant to this lease agreement
shall be considered as “additional rent” and
may be collectible in any court of law with
competent jurisdiction.
New Jersey Month to Month Rental Agreement Form