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Maine Sublease Agreement Template

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Maine Sublease Agreement Template
This agreement is made on _______________________ (date) by and between
__________________________________ (sublessor) and ______________________________
(sublessee) for the rental premises located at: _______________________________________.
The parties to this agreement acknowledge that they have obtained the permission of
_____________________________ (name of landlord) to enter into this agreement.
The parties acknowledge that this agreement is a binding contract that accurately reflects their
agreement with each other. However, the parties also acknowledge that this contract does not
control or modify the agreement that already exists between sublessor and the landlord.
Furthermore, the parties acknowledge that this agreement will not protect them from any
claims asserted by the landlord against either sublessor or sublessee.
The terms of the original lease are attached to this sublease agreement and incorporated into
the agreement of these parties. The parties to this sublease agreement agree to modify the
original lease as follows:
1. Term of Lease: Sublessee will rent the premises from _________________ (beginning
date) to _____________________________ (end of sublease term).
2. Sublessor will pay rent in the amount of $______________ on ______________ (date
rent is due). The rent shall be paid to ________________________________________.
(Specify whether rent is to be paid to sublessor, landlord, or another tenant).
3. Security Deposit: Sublessee is paying $_____________ to ________________________
(specify name of party holding the security deposit).
4. Sublessee is responsible for the following utilities: _______________________________
5. Sublessor will transfer the following utilities into sublessee’s name _________________
Maine Sublease Agreement Template