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Maine Monthly Rental Agreement

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Maine Monthly Rental Agreement
Maine Monthly Rental Agreement
Landlord: _______________________
Rent collected: $_____________
Security Deposit: $_____________
Other: $_____________
Funds will be returned if lease is not accepted.
_______ prior to oc
This is a legally binding contract between Landlord and Tenant and is
enforceable in a court of law. Any verbal contracts implied or stated must be put
in writing and agreed upon by all parties involved in order for them to be valid.
1. TERM: This lease agreement shall commence on the _________ day
of _______________, 20_______, and is on a (check one)
MONTH lease YEAR lease Specific_______________
2. RENT: Rent is $______________ per month, due and payable on the 1
calendar day of the month. If mailing the rent it must: (check which applies)
be received by the 1
(or) postmarked by the 1
Failure to pay rent on time will result in eviction of rented premise.
3. LATE FEE: Rent past due is subject to a late fee of $_____________ and
shall be paid with total rent due.
4. SECURITY DEPOSIT: A security deposit of $______________ is required
before tenancy. Of this fee $__________ is NON-REFUNDABLE. Tenant does
NOT have the right to apply this money towards rent due or future rents.
LANDLORD will hold deposit as security to ensure TENANTS performance of
this contract. LANDLORD may with-hold this fee for the purpose of cleaning the
premises, repair cost, or for monies owed to LANDLORD. The LANDLORD will
return refundable portion, or explain how money is being retained within 30 days
of move out date/ or date that forwarding address is provided.
5. OTHER FEES: Tenant is responsible for the following fees:
(i.e. hook-up fees, pet fees, etc.)
6. UTILITIES: Tenant agrees to keep utilities connected at all times. Utilities
that are shut off for non-payment or other avoidable circumstance will be deemed
as breach of contract and cause for eviction.
Utilities paid for by landlord: ________________________________________
Maine Monthly Rental Agreement