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Landlord Tenant Credit Check Authorization

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Landlord Tenant Credit Check Authorization
Landlord Tenant Credit Check Authorization
I am interested in renting property represented by _______________. In order to approve
my credit for this rental, I hereby authorize a credit check, including salary verification,
court proceedings and the release of payment history from prior landlords. I understand I
am responsible for a payment of $____ for the credit check whether or not my credit is
approved. This credit check will be initiated when Anderson Associates receives your check.
Social Security Number_____________________________________________
Home Telephone Number____________________________________________
Years at present Address____________________________________________
Name of present Landlord____________________________________________
Landlord’s Address__________________________________________________
Landlord’s Telephone Number_________________________________________
Bank Account Number_______________________________________________
Bank Contact______________________________________________________
Business Telephone Number__________________________________________
Job Title_____________________________ Salary_______________________
Number of years with present Employer_________________________________
Personal References
Name_________________________ Telephone_________________________
Name_________________________ Telephone________________________
__________________________ _____________________
Signature Date
Each member of the group (over 18) intending to occupy the rental property must sign a
credit check authorization. The credit check cost for married couples is covered by the one
Landlord Tenant Credit Check Authorization