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Connecticut Realtor Association Residential Lease Agreement

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Connecticut Realtor Association Residential Lease Agreement
Connecticut Realtor Association Residential Lease Agreement
© 2003
Association of Realtors, Inc.
The terms of this Lease dated as of the _____________ day of _______________________________________, 20____ are agreed to by
LANDLORD ________________________________________ TENANT ________________________________________
Address ________________________________________ Address ________________________________________
________________________________________ ________________________________________
Original lease term: ____________ Number of Months
Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on________________________________ and ending at 11:59 p.m. on ________________________________
DEFINITIONS: In this Lease, the following words in this Definitions section have the meanings which follow them:
You, Your and Tenant: The person signing this Lease as Tenant and any other person occupying the Dwelling with our permission.
We, Our, Us and Landlord: The person or business organization signing this Lease as Landlord and anyone who becomes the owner of
the Dwelling after the date this Lease is signed.
All masculine pronouns shall include the feminine or neuter pronouns and all singular pronouns shall include plural pronouns whenever it
makes sense to do so in this Lease.
Address of Dwelling: ________________________________________________________________________________, Connecticut
Monthly Rent: $______________________________________ Security Deposit: $______________________________________
Not to exceed two month's rent: one mo nth's rent if Tenant is over age 62
Rental payment to be sent to: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Name, Address
THE LEASE: We agree to rent
¨ Apartment ¨ Condominium ¨ House and Grounds
¨ Other (describe) _______________________________
(the "Dwelling") to you and you agree to rent the Dwelling
from us for the Lease Term. We and you agree to be bound
by the terms of this Lease. The Lease includes (insert
number, if applicable) parking space(s);
garage(s) only for your personal use.
The Dwelling ___ is ___ is not a unit in a common interest
RENT: You agree to pay us total rent for the Lease Term
of $____________________________________________.
You agree to pay us $
as of the date of this Lease as rent for the period from
to .
Thereafter, you shall pay your Monthly Rent in advance on
the day of each month. If your
Monthly Rent check is not honored by the bank on which it
is drawn, that will mean that we have not received your
Monthly Rent. If we have not received your Monthly Rent
within 10 days of the due date, you will pay interest at the
rate of 1½% per month on the amount due from the due
date until it is paid. You agree to make all Monthly Rent
payments to us at the rental payment address indicated
above or wherever we tell you by written notice.
one, not both)
(a) We __ You __ will pay for electricity.
(b) We __ You __ will pay for water.
(c) We __ You __ will pay for telephone.
(d) We __ You __ will pay for cable.
(e) We __ You __ will pay security system fees.
(f) We __ You __ will pay for lawn and
grounds maintenance.
(g) We __ You __ will pay for snow removal.
(h) We __ You __ will pay for trash collection.
(i) We __ You __ will pay for gas.
(j) We __ You __ will pay for heating fuel.
(k) We __ You __ will pay for opening and
closing of pool.
(l) We __ You __ will pay for seasonal pool
If the Dwelling has oil heat and you are to pay for heating
fuel, you will pay us, at the beginning of the term, the then-
current price for any fuel in the tank(s) used exclusively for
the Dwelling. We will pay you, at the end of the term, the
then-current price for all fuel in such tank(s).
YOUR DUTIES: You agree
to use the Dwelling in compliance with all building,
housing and fire codes affecting health and safety and
any applicable condominium, co-operative or other
applicable rules and regulations affecting the
Dwelling. If you do not, and the cost of our insurance
increases or we are fined, you will reimburse us for
the cost of such insurance increase or such fine or
to keep the Dwelling clean, neat and safe.
to remove from the Dwelling all garbage, trash and
other waste in a clean and safe manner.
to keep the Dwelling's plumbing fixtures and all
appliances clean and to use them only for the purposes
for which they have been designed and to use the
toilet facilities only for the disposal of human waste.
to use all electric, heating, cooling and other systems
in the Dwelling in a prudent manner.
(f) to not willfully or negligently destroy, deface,
damage, impair or remove any part of the Dwelling or
permit anyone else to do so.
to avoid disturbing your neighbors' enjoyment of their
dwellings and to require other individuals in the
Dwelling to do the same.
to maintain the grounds, shrubbery and trees in a neat
and orderly condition.
(i) to keep the Dwelling in good condition and pay the
first $100 of any cost for each repair of the fixtures,
the kitchen equipment and other appliances, unless
such repair is due to a condition existing on the date
of this Lease. You will pay all of such cost if the
repair is required because of your misuse or neglect.
If such repairs are needed to satisfy our duties under
subsections (a) and (b) of Section 11, we shall pay the
full costs.
(j) not to use or allow the use of a waterbed in the
Dwelling without prior written consent.
(k) to keep no pet animals, livestock or fowl in the
Dwelling without our written consent, except
(l) to provide and pay for public liability insurance for
your and our mutual benefit in an amount of not less
than $__________________________ for bodily
Connecticut Realtor Association Residential Lease Agreement