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Kentucky Month to Month Rental Agreement

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Kentucky Month to Month Rental Agreement
Kentucky Month to Month Rental Agreement
Name: Name:
Agent for Landlord:
(send all payments and correspondence to the above address)
In consideration of the mutual agreements and covenants set forth below, the payment of the rent and deposit for the amount specified above to
secure the premises from damage, Landlord leases to Tenant the Premises described below for the terms stated. The Leased Premises shall be
used as a dwelling, and not otherwise, and shall not be sublet, assigned or transferred in any manner without the written consent of a Landlord.
Location 1) Description of Leased Premises
Parties 2) For the purposes of this lease, the term “Landlord” shall refer to property owner and/or any person authorized to manage
said Premises. The term “Tenant” shall refer to all persons occupying the Leased Premises.
Occupancy 3) These are the only persons who are to occupy the Leased Premises; and other(s) must be approved in writing by Landlord:
1) 4)
2) 5)
3) 6)
Utilities 4) Utilities to be furnished by Landlord:
Electricity Water & Sewer Gas Waste Removal
Appliances & 5) Appliances/Accessories to be furnished by Landlord:
Accessories Range Refrig Dishwasher Drapes/Blinds
Carpet AC Unit(s) Other
Late Charges 6) Tenant shall pay to Landlord at Agent’s address the monthly rent specified above on or before the
of each month in advance. The time of each and every payment is of the essence of the lease. If the rent is not paid by the
the monthly rent shall be increased by
Agency 7) Landlord has authorized the above Agent to enter into this lease agreement on his/her behalf, to receive and receipt for rent,
and to do any and all other things necessary or desirable to administer or effectuate this agreement during Tenant’s occu-
pancy. Rent shall be paid and all notices, requests or other communications shall be by or to Landlord through the Agent at
his address listed above. Agent has full authority from the owner to manage the Leased Premises.
Obligations 8) In addition to other duties of maintenance, Tenant shall:
of Tenant a) Comply with all obligations imposed on Tenant by governmental authority materially affecting health and safety;
b) Keep that part of the premises that he/she occupies or uses as clean and safe as possible;
c) Dispose from his/her unit all ashes, garbage, rubbish and other waste in a clean and safe manner;
d) Use the plumbing in a reasonable manner and if, by Tenant misuse, it should freeze, burst, or get out of order, Tenant
agrees to sustain cost of same repairs (the Landlord is to maintain and repair at Landlord’s expense any plumbing
deficiencies due to normal wear and tear);
e) Use in a reasonable manner all electrical, plumbing, sanitary, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and other facilities and
if repairs are needed due to Tenant misuse or neglect, Tenant agrees to sustain cost of repairs;
f) Not deliberately or negligently destroy, deface, damage, impair or remove any part of the premises or knowingly permit
any person to do so;
g) Conduct himself/herself and require any guest to conduct themselves in a manner that will not disturb neighbors’
peaceful enjoyment of the premises;
h) Abide by any rules or regulations adopted by the Landlord to promote the convenience, safety or welfare of Tenants in
the premises, to preserve the property, and “or” fairly distribute services or facilities;
i) Not use gasoline stoves or other similar fuel burning appliances using highly flammable liquids, including portable
kerosene, Wane or propane stoves or other similar portable fuel burning appliances;
j) Shall replace all broken glass in the windows, doors, etc. regardless of any cause; also put in and properly repair all
locks or keys to the same, if lost, or to pay for the same, at fair valuation;
k) Not erect an aerial on the roof or chimney, or install an air conditioner or coaxial cable without the written consent of
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Kentucky Month to Month Rental Agreement