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Kentucky Rental Application Form

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Kentucky Rental Application Form
Kentucky Rental Application Form
Application to Rent
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Processing/credit report fee
$___.00 (single applicant) / $____.00 (double applicant, same unit) payable to:
____________ Separate applications to rent are required for each applicant 18 years or over.
Property information
Application to rent property at (“premises”)
Desired move-in date
Applicant information
Soc.Sec.#. Drivers lic.#. State Expires
Phone# Home Work Cell #
Email Address
Date of Birth
Current address
How much rent are you paying
How long at current address
Name of Landlord/manager
Phone# of Landlord/manager
Reason for leaving
Previous living information
Previous address
How much rent were you paying
Name of landlord/manager
Phone # of landlord/manager
How long at this address
Reason for leaving
In addition
Have you ever been evicted Yes No
Have you ever broken a lease Yes No . If yes, please explain
Kentucky Rental Application Form