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Friendly Letter Sample 1

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Friendly Letter Sample 1
23 San Benito Rd.
Brisbane, CA 94005
August 19, 2012
Hi Arthur,
I hope all is well in your new city. Everything here is passing by so quickly, and the
summer months are almost gone. It’s only been a little while since you left, but it everything
already feels different. Even though it’s super sad that you don’t live just a bus ride away
anymore, I really do hope that your new life is going well. It’s so exciting that you’re moved in
and ready to start college! It must be so surreal.
Have you settled in already And do you like your neighborhood It must be nice staying
in an apartment instead of a dorm. So much more space. And a kitchen! Hope you aren’t too
homesick either. All the rest of us here are getting ready for our college moves as well. Can’t
believe we’re graduated and on our way to the real world!
A reunion has already been talked about, so look forward to winter break. We’re thinking
about a road trip with a bunch of us, and it would be great if you tagged along. Location
suggestions are welcome!
Again, I hope all is well with you. And let me know if you ever need anything. I’m a letter
or a phone call away. We all miss you tons, Arthur! Have a fun time in school, and stay safe.
Please write back when you get this. I’d love to hear all about how everything is going.
Much love,
Friendly Letter Sample 1