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Friendly Letter Sample 2

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Friendly Letter Sample 2
Friendly Letter Sample 2
Business Letter Sample
1234 Any Street (Your street address)
Hometown, OH 45764 (City, State ZIP)
July 12, 2007 (Current Date)
Ms. Sandra Garcia (Name of recipient)
Any Company (Business/Institution name, if applicable)
5678 Not Here Avenue (Street Address)
Another Town, NY 10012 (City, State ZIP)
Dear Ms. Garcia: (Notice the use of a colon after the greeting)
Introductory Paragraph: Use this paragraph to explain your purpose for
writing. This paragraph should probably include three or four sentences.
Second Paragraph: Notice the spacing and lack of indentations in this
format. This modern business letter style is called block format. Use single-
spacing for paragraphs, and leave an extra space between paragraphs. This
second paragraph can include supporting details or additional information
about why you are writing. A length of 3–5 sentences is a good guide for a
second paragraph.
Concluding Paragraph: Summarize your earlier statements. Provide any
additional contact information. Thank the recipient for his or her time. Two
to three sentences is a good length for a concluding paragraph.
Sincerely, (Other possible closings include Respectfully or Truly Yours)
(Leave 3–4 spaces so you have room to sign your name)
Any Student (Type your name)
Body (1–3 Paragraphs)
Friendly Letter Sample 2