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Standard Lease Agreement 2

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Standard Lease Agreement 2 Page 5
These additional terms or conditions may not conflict with the requirements of the Act.
30. (1) Where a rental agreement in writing is executed by a lessee, the lessor shall ensure that a fully executed duplicate original copy of the
agreement is delivered to the lessee at the time of signing or within twenty-one days after the lessee signed the agreement.
(2) Where subsection (1) is not complied with, only the provisions of this Act and the standard form rental agreement are binding upon the
lessee, and the lessee is not bound by any additional terms contained in the written agreement unless and until it is served on him in
accordance with subsection (1).
(3) Where a written rental agreement has been entered into before the effective date and the lessee has not been supplied with a copy of the
agreement, the lessor shall, within twenty-one days of the effective date deliver a copy of the agreement to the lessee in compliance with
subsection (1).
31. (1) The lessor shall at the time of entering into the rental agreement provide the lessee with the following information in writing:
(a) the name and address of the lessor;
(b) the name and telephone number of the person responsible for the premises.
(2) Where the lessor rents more than one residential premises in the same building and retains possession of part for the use of all lessees in
common, the lessor shall post and maintain posted in the common area a notice giving the information required by subsection (1).
Standard Lease Agreement 2