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Land Lease Agreement 2

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Land Lease Agreement 2
(10) days after receipt of a statement from Landlord evidencing the amount of such damage, pay
Landlord the costs to repair such damage. The cost of repair shall include a reasonable sum to
compensate Landlord for its direct and indirect staff time in obtaining quotes for the repair work
and preparing the statement to Tenant.
2.3 License Agreement with Atascadero BMX Association. Tenant intends to enter
into a License Agreement with Atascadero BMX Association for the Permitted Use. The License
Agreement with Atascadero BMX Association shall provide the terms and conditions for the use
of the Land, and require that Atascadero BMX Association comply with all terms of this Lease
Agreement. Prior to Tenant entering into the License Agreement, Landlord shall be provided
with a copy of the License Agreement for review and comment. If there are any conflicts
between the terms of this Lease Agreement and the terms of the License Agreement, the terms of
the Lease Agreement shall prevail.
2.4 Delivery of Possession. Landlord will deliver possession of the Land to Tenant
on the Commencement Date, “AS-IS” in its present condition. Tenant acknowledges neither
Landlord nor its agents or employees have made any representations or warranties as to the
suitability or fitness of the Land for the conduct of Tenant's business or as to the physical
condition of the Land, nor has Landlord or its agents or employees agreed to undertake any
alterations or construct any improvements to the Land.
2.5 Governmental Approvals. Tenant shall, at its sole cost and expense before the
Commencement Date, apply for and obtain all licenses, permits, approvals, required by any
local, state or federal governmental authorities for its use of the Land, including without
limitation, all applications for zoning variances, zoning ordinances, building code variances,
amendments, special use permits, and construction permits and other licenses and approvals
necessary for the operation of Tenant's business from the Land (collectively, the "Governmental
Approvals"). Landlord shall cooperate with Tenant to obtain all necessary Governmental
Approvals, provided; however, Landlord shall not be required to expend any money in such
cooperation. Tenant understands and agrees that Tenant's right to use the Land is contingent
upon Tenant obtaining and continually maintaining in full force and effect all Governmental
Approvals. In the event any Governmental Approvals issued to Tenant are canceled, expire,
lapse, or are otherwise withdrawn or terminated by any governmental authority so that Tenant
will be unable to use the Land for its intended purposes, this Lease shall automatically terminate.
2.5 Access. Tenant shall be provided access to the Land, across Landlord's Property
as more particularly depicted in Exhibit A (the "Access Drive"). In accessing the Land, Tenant
shall not interfere with Landlord's operations and Tenant shall not in any manner block access to
the gate or to any other facilities on Landlord's Property. Landlord shall have the right upon ten
(10) days prior written notice to Tenant, to relocate the Access Drive to another location on
Landlord's Property, as long as Tenant's access to and use of the Land is not materially affected.
Landlord may from time to time, with twenty-four (24) hour prior notice to Tenant, impose such
reasonable restrictions on the time and means of access to the Land as Landlord deems necessary
for security precautions. Tenant agrees that it will not change locks on any gates to Landlord’s
Property or the Land, or install additional locks on such gates. Tenant further agrees that it will
not duplicate any keys of Landlord.
Land Lease Agreement 2