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Land Lease Agreement 1

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Land Lease Agreement 1
Land Lease Agreement 1
Lessee Initials: _______ Lessor Initials: _____
Vacant Land Lease
City of Williston, Florida ______________________________
Post Office Drawer 160 ______________________________
Williston, Florida 32696 ______________________________
WHEREAS, the CITY OF WILLISTON, a Florida municipal corporation, ("the Lessor"), maintains
an airport commonly referred to as Williston Municipal Airport; and
WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the said City to promote and develop the said airport; and
WHEREAS, ___________________________________, ("the Lessee"), is desirous of leasing a
certain parcel at the said airport as is hereinafter described for the purpose of
NOW, THEREFORE, for and in consideration of the sum of Ten Dollars and other good and
valuable considerations and the covenants, conditions and agreements as are hereinafter set forth, the Lessor
and Lessee agree as follows:
1. PREMISES; INSPECTIONS; AS IS: The Lessor leases and Lessee does rent and hire from the
Lessor, the following described premises located in Williston, Levy County, Florida, (the “Premises”),
[to be determined]
It is the responsibility of the Lessee, at the Lessee’s sole expense, to satisfy itself, prior to the
execution of this Agreement, as to the title and condition of the Premises including, without limitation, title to
the Premises, matters of record in the Official Records, of Levy County, permitted land uses, zoning codes,
building regulations, height limitations, setbacks, applicable building codes, permits, soil conditions, and
environmental conditions. Lessor makes no warranties or representations to the Lessee, and the Lessee
agrees the Lessor has made no warranty or representation respecting the condition of the Premises, or
applicable zoning laws and regulations, or applicability of the uses contemplated by the Lessee, or
environmental conditions, or any matters which a current survey would disclose, or the applicability of any
covenants or restrictions of public record, except as otherwise expressly provided herein. Lessee further
acknowledges it has had adequate opportunity to inspect the Premises hereunder prior to entering into this
Agreement or has made adequate provision herein. Accordingly, the taking of possession of the Premises by
the Lessee shall be conclusive evidence that the Premises were in good and satisfactory condition when
possession was taken by Lessee.
Land Lease Agreement 1