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Vermont Green Mountain Real Estate Rental Lease Form

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Vermont Green Mountain Real Estate Rental Lease Form
Green Mountain Real Estate 395 College Street #4 Burlington VT 05401 (802) 734 -1566
negligence of the tenants shall be the responsibility of the Landlord including such repairs as electrical wiring and
6. ACCEPTANCE AND SURRENDER OF PREMISES: The tenant has inspected the lease premises and the
Tenant’s acceptance of possession of the leased premises is conclusive evidence of receipt of them in good order
and repair, and upon the termination of the Leases, the Tenant shall thoroughly clean the premises and shall
surrender the premises and the improvements therein in the same condition as at the commencement of this Lease,
reasonable wear and tear expected.
7. RIGHT OF ENTRY: With notice to the Tenant, the Landlord and his authorized agents shall have the right to
enter the demised premises to inspect the repair and condition of the premises and improvements located thereon,
to make repairs required of the Landlord under this Lease, to show the premises to any prospective purchaser or
tenant, or for any other reasonable purpose subject to the terms of the Lease. The Landlord may advertise, in any
manner whatsoever, that the property is for sale or lease. The Landlord may retain a passkey to all the premises.
No lock shall be changed or a new lock installed without the prior written consent of the Landlord, and an
additional key provided for landlord use. Tenants shall not install additional or different locks or gats on any door
or window of the premises without written permission of Landlord. If Landlord approves Tenant’s request to
install such locks, Tenants agree to provide Landlord with a key to each lock. When this lease ends, Tenant agrees
to return all keys to the premises to Landlord. Landlord may charge Tenant $50 per key per lock if the key is not
8. ASSIGNMENT AND SUB-LEASING: The Tenant shall not assign, mortgage, pledge or encumber this Lease or
the demised premises, or sublet the whole or any part of the demised premises, without the Landlord’s prior
written consent. In the event of such assignment of this Lease, or subletting, the Tenant shall nevertheless remain
liable to the Landlord for the performance of all the terms and conditions contained in this Lease. Any assignee or
sub-tenant shall be bound by and perform all of the terms and conditions herein by which the Tenant is hereby
bound. An assignment or sub-lease shall not constitute a novation. Landlord may, at any time and without
advance notice, assign this Agreement and, in so doing, shall transfer to Assignee all rights and powers contained
herein. The Landlord shall be entitled to retain the Tenant’s security deposit under the terms and conditions set
forth herein regardless of the assignment of this Lease or the sub-letting of the demised premises.
9. EXTERIOR OF PREMISES: The sidewalk, entrance, garage and driveway as well as the lawn shall not be
obstructed by the Tenant or used by Tenant for any other purposes than those of ingress and egress from the
demised premises. These areas shall remain free from rubbish, ornamentation, or any other personal property of
Tenant other than automobiles, bicycles or children’s toys.
10. GARBAGE, RECYCLING & CLEANING: Tenant shall dispose of all garbage in the refuse containers
provided on the property. Recycling is mandatory in Burlington, VT and the responsibility of the Tenant. Please
review the garbage & recycling schedule as outlined in www.rentinvt.com/garbage.htm . A recycling bin is
provided which is to remain inside the apartment at brought to the curbside once a week. Cleaning of neglected
recycling and garbage will be charged to the tenant. The apartment is to be cleaned and maintained to an
appropriate standard of showing the apartment for re-rental. If the tenant cannot supply a marketable apartment
then the tenant agrees to pay for a cleaning service to provide an apartment quality that is marketable.
11. SIGNS: Tenant agrees that no signs, advertisements, or notices shall be painted or affixed upon any part of the
buildings, inside or outside, nor shall anything be suspended outside the building by the Tenant.
12. ANIMALS/ PETS: No animals (or pets) of any kind shall be taken into or kept about the demised premises
without prior written permission from the Landlord.
13. RENT PROCEDURE AND SCHEDULE OF FEES: Rent is due on the first of each month. Please mail your
check to Green Mountain Real Estate, 395 College Street #4, Burlington, VT, 05401. A pick-up will be made
on the second of each month. If your payment is not there you will be assessed a fee. Make Checks Payable to:
Green Mountain Real Estate. The schedule of service fees are as follows:
Vermont Green Mountain Real Estate Rental Lease Form