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Sample Annotated Bibliography

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Sample Annotated Bibliography
Sample Annotated Bibliography
Whereas a bibliography is an organized listing of sources used in researching and preparing a
project or paper, an annotated bibliography follows each source with a short “annotation,” which
describes the content of the source and provides a critical evaluation of the material.
Bisignani, D. & Brizee, A. (2010). Annotated Bibliographies. Retrieved from Purdue
University, Online Writing Lab (OWL) website:
http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resources/614/01/ .
The authors present a brief, well thought out description of an annotated
bibliography and the rationale for preparing one. Moreover, they provide many examples
in various formats, each with detailed explanations. This is a good reference for how to
develop an “annotation” for any researcher.
Bulla, D. W. (2010). “A Dozen Best: Top Books on the First Amendment” American
Journalism. Winter 2010.
Offering an excellent example of an annotated bibliography, the author is an
assistant professor of journalism at the Greenlee School at Iowa State University.
Carlson, L. (2010). Annotated Bibliographies. Retrieved from the University of Kansas, KU
Writing Center website: http://www.writing.ku.edu/~writing/guides/bibs.shtml .
This single-page handout provides a short, comprehensible overview of annotated
bibliographies and also gives a remarkable example of each major kind of annotation.
Duran, K. (2009). Sample Annotated Bibliography in APA Style. Retrieved from California
State UniversityNorthridge website: http://library.csun.edu/docs/mlannotbib.pdf .
The author has produced a marvelous sample annotated bibliography in APA
format concerning Hispanic women activists in Los Angeles.
Sample Annotated Bibliography